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You're ready to move from the hospital. What you need now is a game plan.

The transition specialists help make sure that you continue to get:

  • The right care.
  • At the right time.
  • In the right setting.

They follow you regardless of where you transfer— to your home, rehab or skilled nursing facility.

Transition specialists are part of the John C. Lincoln Accountable Care Organization — your team of doctors and other health care providers working together to help you get back in the game.

Care at the Right Time and Right Place

John C. Lincoln transition specialists help recently discharged patients make sure their transitions are as smooth as possible.

The transition specialists call and visit patients in their homes after discharge, to be sure they or their caregivers have what is needed to manage and maintain their target level of wellness. The specialists assist patients with:

  • Follow-up medical care.
  • Blood pressure monitoring.
  • Medication management.
  • Nutrition education.

Learn about the development of our Transition Services program and how our transition specialists may be able to assist you or a family member.

Special Training

The transition program was developed by John C. Lincoln Health Network especially for medically trained military veterans.

The transition specialists employed by John C. Lincoln were trained to provide medical care for military personnel. As part of their transfer to civilian careers as transition specialists, each of these veterans receive additional training in:

  • Patient communication.
  • Health privacy regulations.
  • Hospital and community resources.
  • Electronic health records systems.

To learn more about Transition Services, call (623) 580-5800.