Healthy Cooking with Chef Eddie Matney

chef eddie matney
Chef Eddie Matney

In these videos, Chef Eddie Matney will take you on a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic journey of food dishes that display a unique balance of healthy ingredients and taste that you won't want to miss.

"The healthy choice thing — most people view it as a life sentence," says Chef Matney. "It's not a four-day-a-week thing, it's an everyday thing. If we can start by changing out just one food, or adding one healthier food a day, over time it will become habit."

John C. Lincoln Health Network has partnered with Chef Eddie Matney, one of the biggest celebrity chefs in Arizona, to provide a series of healthy cooking recipies that show how easy and delicious healthy eating can be. The combination of health awareness and flavor will leave you satisfied and more mindful of healthy food choices.

Through demonstration, Chef Matney will show you how you can incorporate these healthy cooking recipies into your weekly meal routine, replacing a fast food run and becoming an advocate for your own health. You will also learn about ingredients that promote healthier hearts, improve bone density, decrease cholesterol levels and much more.

"Exercise and a healthy diet are key ingredients for leading a healthy life," Chef Matney explained. "It sounds harder than it really is. I know, as there is no bigger food addict than me. I'm tired of being heavy and tired of not feeling good. That is when I took note of the choices I put into my mouth.

"I don't want to be a 150 pound guy, that's not what I'm trying to be, but if you are more conscientious about your food choices, it will begin to make you feel better from the inside out by slowly trying to incorporating better foods into your diet."

About Chef Eddie Matney

Matney is the executive chef and co-owner of several fabulous eateries in the Phoenix area that are home to his renowned cuisine. His success began long before his arrival in Phoenix, when he co-owned and operated the successful Stockbridge café in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

Since then he has partnered with celebrities and exclusive golf resorts to enhance culinary offerings, and was even dubbed "Number One Chef in the Valley" for five consecutive years by Phoenix Magazine. His ingenious use of ingredients pushes the envelope of flavor and excitement to transform long-time standards into savory new favorites.