HealthBeat Newsletter

HealthBeat, a bi-monthly health newsletter of John C. Lincoln Health Network, features articles about innovative medical treatments available at John C. Lincoln facilities. You'll also learn about upcoming screenings, classes and support groups.

July - August 2014 Edition

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What you'll find in the July - August 2014 HealthBeat:

  • Healing the Heart: Heart Attack Patient Raves About Care.
  • Information That's Vital: Request an In Case of Emergency Card.
  • Heart Patients Benefit from Reduced Radiation.
  • Revolutionary Approach to Partial Knee Replacement.
  • To Do List: Check Your Child's Health.
  • Give it Five Stars: Lincoln Learning Center.
  • Make Twice the Difference: Donation Matching.
  • Health events, screenings, seminars and support groups available at John C. Lincoln in July and August. See all listings in our Calendar of Events.

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