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John C. Lincoln Health Network and Scottsdale Healthcare

When you're looking for a new doctor — one you can trust — you want someone who is perfect for you and your family. Fortunately, the Scottsdale Healthcare and John C. Lincoln network of primary care physicians offers close to 200 providers to choose from. There is one who is just right for you. Meet some of our finest doctors below:

Our Physician Network Also Offers


Providers network-wide can easily share lab results and other important information securely and confidentially with our personal electronic health record. With MyChart, an online patient portal, patients can receive test results, request prescription refills, schedule, confirm or cancel appointments and more from their computer, smart phone or tablet.


Convenient hours and locations throughout the Valley, including immediate and urgent care centers available seven days a week, many with early morning and evening appointments.


Care for patients of all ages — from infants to seniors — with same-day appointments available and most types of insurances accepted.