Apply for PACS Access

PACS Application

Download the Physician Access Agreement (PDF)

Requires Adobe Reader

To apply for remote access to John C. Lincoln's PACS system, please follow these steps:

1.) Download and review the Physician Access Agreement form, available at right.

2.) Read the application, in its entirety, and sign it.

3.) Fax the form to 623-879-7061. On the cover page of your fax, please denote "Attn: John C. Lincoln PACS" and provide your contact information.

Once we have received the completed request form, we will contact you to schedule a time for installation and training, based on the information you have supplied on your application.

Minimum Computer Requirements

To be able to operate PACS remotely, your computer must meet minimum hardware and software requirements (PDF).

The list also offers instructions on how to check your computer system's current capabilities.

Contact Us

If you have a question or concern about using PACS, please contact John C. Lincoln's Helpdesk:

John C. Lincoln Helpdesk Support
602-870-6060 ext 1442

John C. Lincoln Helpdesk Pager

John C. Lincoln PACS E-mail