Recently Implemented Programs - G-60 Trauma Services

The G-60 geriatric trauma services program was designed to improve outcomes for elderly trauma patients by providing more intensive and expedited care needed by trauma patients aged 60 and older.

G 60 Trauma Population
  • A designated inpatient unit where all G-60 patients can be cared for effectively and expeditiously.
  • A multidisciplinary medical team led by a trauma surgeon.
  • Expedited identification and triage of potential G-60 patients.
  • Hospital admission of G-60 patients completed within two hours after arrival.
  • Immediate activation on the G-60 clinical team.
  • Development of individual treatment plans for specialized care of each G-60 patient.
  • Trauma surgery expedited; orthopedic surgery if needed, scheduled within 48 hours of arrival.
G 60 Population, Mechanism of Inquiry