Sonoran Health and Emergency Center Opens

Sonoran Health and Emergency Center Opens in North Phoenix

Destry Jetton Mammogram John C. Lincoln Sonoran Health and Emergency Center
Destry Jetton awaits her mammogram.

Destry Jetton's eyes widened with amazement. "I can't believe it," she said after her first mammogram. "It didn't hurt."

Emerging from the posh Breast Health Center dressing room at John C. Lincoln's new Sonoran Health and Emergency Center, Destry, the host of Channel 12's MidDay show marveled, "It didn't hurt at all. Not even a pinch."

Destry's first mammogram also was the first one performed in the new $18 million medical facility in the North Valley. Like all screening mammograms at the Sonoran Center, Destry's medical imaging was low-dose 3D, and she got her results immediately.

"We're all good," she smiled. "I even talked with Dr. Greer about my results." Linda Greer, MD, is a board-certified radiologist, a breast imaging specialist and medical director for John C. Lincoln's breast centers. She and the other radiology specialists are available to discuss results with patients when requested.

The new Sonoran Center is on 22 acres between Dove Valley Boulevard and Carefree Highway, just east of Interstate 17 in North Phoenix. Approximately 1,000 North Valley residents toured the new center during a public open house two days before it opened for patient care on Dec. 9.

Sonoran Health and Emergency Center - North Phoenix
The Sonoran Health and Emergency Center features 12 Emergency Department rooms, a Breast Health and Research Center and outpatient imaging/Radiology services.

In addition to the Breast Center, the 40,000-square-foot facility includes comprehensive emergency services and medical imaging with low-dose CT and an MRI that is the quietest available.

"The Emergency Department offers easy access from I-17 and is designed with the patient experience in mind," said Chris Stewart, RN, clinical coordinator for the Sonoran Center. "For example, sliding glass doors on the 12 private exam rooms open and shut quietly. Linens can be restocked and trash emptied from the hallway or inside the room. And the staff has many years of experience."

"Sonoran has the latest medical imaging technology," said Steve Hardin, John C. Lincoln administrator of Medical Imaging. "The CT scanner is low dose, which means less radiation exposure for our patients.

Both the MRI and CT scanner are large bore. That means the claustrophobic factor is significantly reduced, and we can do imaging on patients weighing up to 600 pounds. If you only need an MRI of your knee, your head and shoulders stay outside the machine. And this MRI is the quietest on the market."

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