Dentists, Dental Specialists and Hygienists Volunteer at the Children’s Dental Clinic at Desert Mission

Smile Power

Smile Power
Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Arnold Morof, DDS, pictured with Children's Dental Clinic Director Ju Lawrence, DMD, volunteers to help teens and young adults with wisdom teeth issues.

They help give kids a terrific smile, and that's reward enough for volunteer dentists, dental specialists and hygienists at the Children's Dental Clinic at Desert Mission, John C. Lincoln Health Network's community service arm.

For example, for the last six months, Arnold Morof, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, has volunteered to remove wisdom teeth for underserved teens and young adults up to age 21.

"Once or twice a month, he spends an entire day at the Children's Dental Clinic," said the clinic's director, Ju Lawrence, DMD. "Our patients so appreciate what he's doing. And Chad Foster, DDS, an orthodontist, provides such orthodontic services as expanders and other appliances."

Dental professionals who volunteer at the Children's Dental Clinic include:

Jeffrey Alexander, DDS Marcus Gottlieb, DDS Eileen Perris, RDH
Jacqueline Allen, DDS Michael Hull, DDS Mark Pogue, DDS
Ana Altonaga, DMD Skip Harris, DDS Brian Powley, DDS
Julie Anfinson, DMD Luis Iniguez, DDS Robert Price, DDS
Susan Augustine, DDS William Kaus, DDS Michael Quinn, DDS
Manpreet Badyal, DDS Ken Kimble, DDS C. Terry Ramsey, DDS
Christopher Barney, DMD Mozhgan Kimble, DDS Carol Saul, RDH
Douglas Beischel, DDS Gregory Lagermeier, DDS Kristin Smeal, RDH
Charlya Bishop, RDH Gary K. Lines, DMD Cameron Skaugrud, DDS
Paul Brenchley, DDS Robert Ludwig, DDS Randy Smith, DMD
Anita Chu, DDS Todd Mabry, DDS Karen Teeters, DDS
Joseph Cohen, DDS Kathi Mansell, DMD Douglas Thomas, DDS
Debra Dencek, RDH Theresa McAnly, RDH Michael Thompson, DDS
Gregory Edmonds, DDS Rick Meyers, DDS Valley Endodontics Group
Steven Elcock, DMD Arnold Morof, DDS Beth Vanderschaaf, DDS
Cathy Farley, front office America Nazar, DMD Lawrence Warren, DDS
Chad Foster, DDS Mimi Nguyen, DMD Antonietta Waybright, DDS
Marvin Goldenstein, DDS John Pappas, DDS Allyson Williams, RDH
Michael Golding, DDS Bharat Patel, DDS Bradley Willcox, DMD
Kenneth Gometz, DDS Seena Patel, DDS Chen Yuan, DMD

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