North Mountain Hospital's Specialty Surgical Care Unit Honored with Two 2014 PRC Awards

John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital's Specialty Surgical Care unit was recently honored as a 2014 Professional Research Consultants (PRC) Top Scoring Nursing unit for Inpatient Surgical Service Overall Quality of Care Award Performer award winner. This unit also won a 5-Star Excellence award.

North Mountain Hospital PRC Awards

"We are so proud of our Specialty Surgical Care unit," said Judy Bernhardt, RN, BSN, MA, clinical director of inpatient surgical specialties. "To be presented with not just one, but two awards for National Excellence in Healthcare is proof that John C. Lincoln hospitals are committed to continually improving care."

To be a PRC Top Scoring or 5-Star award winners, hospitals are judged against all other healthcare organizations in similar categories within PRC's nationwide databases. PRC Top Scorers must score at or above the 100th percentile within their particular comparison group, while 5-Star Award Winners are identified as the top 10 percent (at or above the 90th percentile) of PRC's national client database.

"It takes years of dedication, determination and hard work to achieve this level of success," said Maggi Griffin, RN, CEO of John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital. "Congratulations to John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital and its staff for improving healthcare services throughout our community."

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