North Mountain Hospital First in Nation to Use New Lung Technology

This minimally invasive nonsurgical technology is used in conjunction with high-resolution CT chest scans to accurately locate tumors in the lungs and mediastinal lymph nodes so that needle biopsies can be performed on suspicious pulmonary tissue.

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Comparable in appearance to GPS navigation systems used for driving, the LungPointTM system allows physicians to select destinations and see the routes to get there. With this application, the "destination" is a suspicious lung nodule or other abnormality and the "streets" are the bronchial airways.

The LungPoint mapping system gives the physician up to three routes. Once the physician chooses the best possible route, the LungPoint system presents an animation of the journey through the airways to the suspicious tissue, providing physicians with a visual guide on the computer screen.

The LungPoint mapping system is just one of several innovative treatments for emphysema, COPD and other lung diseases provided by the interventional pulmonologists at North Mountain.

These treatments, along with a review of clinical pulmonary research at the hospital, will be discussed in a seminar presented by J. Burr Ross, MD, medical director of North Mountain's Advanced Interventional Pulmonary Program.

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