Level III Trauma Care at Deer Valley Hospital Proves 'Amazing'

level iii trauma care at deer valley hospital
Angel Martinez snuggles with his daughter Audrina. Staff at the Level III Trauma Center at John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital cared for him after his basketball injury.

Angel Martinez didn't know he was being brought to a Level III Trauma Center when paramedics loaded him into the ambulance after shattering his ankle.

But the 27-year-old Deer Valley resident is glad they did. "The care was amazing," he said. "We got treated so quickly; the doctor came in right away. And everyone was so nice to me and my wife."

Martinez was playing basketball at a local gym in early March. As he jumped to dunk the ball, another player bumped into him. Martinez landed sideways on his ankle. "It was the worst pain in my life," he said. "The X-rays showed it was broken in I don't know how many places."

Paramedics brought Martinez to the new Level III Trauma Center at John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital, which only a few weeks earlier had been recognized with provisional Trauma III status by the Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems.

More Resources and Staff

Deer Valley's Emergency Department care for traumatically injured patients was expanded and upgraded with additional resources and staff education.

Level III requires surgeons on call to have Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) accreditation from the American College of Surgeons. ATLS teaches a standard approach for trauma assessment and treatment so the most time-critical interventions are performed first.

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"Our program is even better than that," said hospital Medical Director Mary Ann Turley, DO. "Our trauma doctors are the same board-certified trauma surgeons who care for patients at the Level I Trauma Center at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital."

John C. Lincoln's trauma surgeons hold dual board certification in both critical care and trauma surgery.

Anesthesiologists and trauma orthopedic surgeons are on call, available within 30 minutes.

Surgery Repairs Ankle

In the Level III Trauma Center, Martinez was stabilized after receiving pain medication and completing medical imaging to evaluate the extent of his injury. The next day, surgeons put the shattered pieces of his ankle back together. He spent a total of three days in the hospital.

His doctors said it would be close to six weeks before he could return to work manufacturing parts for airplanes. It may be a little longer before he's back on the basketball court.

Although he's not crazy about the pain associated with the broken ankle, he wasn't completely sad about recovering at home. "That gives me time to spend with my daughter Audrina," he said. "She's 18 months old, and she's so beautiful."

Preventing Injuries

The Level III Trauma Center at Deer Valley Hospital will offer community programs in injury prevention similar to those presented by North Mountain's Level I Trauma Center, said Trauma Program Manager Lori Moxon, RN, BSN.

"Since this will be a Network endeavor, we plan to incorporate the many excellent community educational programs that focus on the cause and prevention of our major traumatic injuries," she said.

The same board-certified trauma surgeons who care for patients at the Level I Trauma Center at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital are available within 30 minutes at Deer Valley Hospital.

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