John C. Lincoln Physicians Honored by Network

Six members of John C. Lincoln's medical staffs were honored in early April through John C. Lincoln's annual physician recognition program.

The program was designed to spotlight a wider variety of contributions, accomplishments and service by members of the medical staffs at both Network hospitals and medical practices.

Eligibility for all these awards is based on service to the John C. Lincoln Hospitals and community; excellence in leadership, ethics and individual achievement; and excellence in patient care, customer service and patient satisfaction.

Here are the honorees:

2014 physician awards faux
Nelson Faux, MD

Nelson Faux, MD

Nelson Faux, MD, an emergency medicine and critical care physician, last week received the 2014 President's Award for Lifetime Achievement for his many years of outstanding service within the John C. Lincoln Health Network. He joins distinguished company for the award — pulmonologist David Drachler, MD, received the honor a few years ago.

Also honored were:

2014 Distinguished Medical Service Award:

  • Frank Ryan, DO, a North Mountain hospitalist
  • Francisco Peralta, MD, a Deer Valley hospitalist
  • Mark Whitaker, DO, a family practice physician at Deer Valley Family Practice

2014 Rising Physician Award:

  • Alicia Mangram, MD, medical director of Trauma Services at North Mountain
  • Oner Khera, MD, an orthopedic and spine surgeon at Deer Valley

Dr. Faux, chief of staff at North Mountain from 2002 to 2005 and from 2006 to 2009 has served on numerous committees at both hospitals, including more than 15 committees currently. He joined the North Mountain medical staff in 1978 and served as a member of the John C. Lincoln Health Network Board of Directors from 2002-2011. He also has been instrumental in the Arizona EMT and Air Evac program since 1980.

Maggi Griffin and John Harrington, North Mountain and Deer Valley CEOs, recognized Dr. Faux at their award ceremonies for his long record of service and contributions to the organization. "The Health Network has benefited greatly from his work," Maggi said.

2014 physician awards Ryan
Frank Ryan, DO

Dr. Ryan, board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and ABIM Geriatrics, "is very compassionate and always takes time to listen to staff and his patients," his nominator said. "He has always amazed me with his detailed assessments and excellent/caring bedside manner. He is always respectful to staff and takes the time and energy to answer questions about patients' care or the physiology of a disease process."

2014 physician awards Peralta
Francisco Peralta, MD

Dr. Peralta, board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, "strives to provide optimal care to his patients," his nominator said. "His involvement with the professional review committee has shown me that he cares about patients and that others deliver optimal care while practicing at John C. Lincoln. We love him on the Ortho floor because he is very communicative, friendly and compassionate."

2014 physician awards Whitaker
Mark Whitaker, DO (center, holding award)

Dr. Whitaker, is board certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians. "He is an outstanding family physician who is recognized in the community for his commitment to patient-centered medical care. He always has time to communicate with his patients, calls/texts them on weekends and at night and consistently goes the extra mile to ensure high-quality patient care. He is also highly esteemed by his colleagues and co-workers," his nominator said.

2014 physician awards Mangram
Alicia Mangram, MD

Dr. Mangram, board certified by the American Board of Surgery (ABS) and by ABS Surgical Critical Care, "works tirelessly in her pursuit of helping the trauma service be the best in the Phoenix area," said her nominator. "An outstanding example of her skills in communication, collaboration and teamwork is her renowned G-60 program for geriatric trauma patients. She brings respect, discipline, daily learning, the desire to work hard, compassion for patients and families, the importance of caring for each other, and an infectious positive attitude. She is truly a rare gem. We are so lucky to have her as the leader of the trauma program."

2014 physician awards Khera
Oner Khera, MD

Dr. Khera is board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. "His patients always give him very good reviews and feel great about their plan of care because he takes the time to explain it to them and to receive their input as well," said his nominator. "He is a great listener, not only to the patients, but also to the nurses. He's never too hard to reach when the nurses may need something for his patients."

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