John C. Lincoln Physician Network Gives Patients Online Access to Their Own Health Records

John C. Lincoln Health Network now offers JCLMyChart, which enables patients of John C. Lincoln Physician Network practices to access their health information from smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Patients can learn more at

John C. Lincoln Health Network now offers patients treated in John C. Lincoln physician offices the ability to access their health information from personal computers.

The computer program, called JCLMyChart, is available at, and comes with an app for access on smartphones (iPhone and Android) and tablet computers (including iPads). The free service is currently available for patients of 19 John C. Lincoln Physician Network practices.

"Having online access to your own health record opens things up to a patient," said Don Huey, 61, of Glendale. "It makes things a lot easier."

Huey — a patient at Deer Valley Medical, a family medicine practice within John C. Lincoln's Physician Network — recently signed up for JCLMyChart.

Patients like Huey can enjoy advantages such as:
  • Receiving many test and lab results online — no waiting for a phone call or letter.
  • Reviewing medications, immunizations, allergies and health history.
  • Requesting an appointment.
  • Requesting a prescription refill.
  • Reviewing post-visit instructions provided by their doctor.

Patients also can link their children's accounts to their own for convenient access to appointments, immunization records, growth charts and more.

Huey said he found his record "easy to navigate. I opened up my health summary, clicked on it, and a notice in the preventive care area said my flu shot was due. So I requested an appointment online, got a message back quickly, and set up the appointment. JCLMyChart will be great for prescription refills, too — no more phone tag with the doctor's office. This gives you a lot of tools to manage your own health."

A "Big Step Forward in Convenience" for Patients

JCLMychart children's growth chart
Parents can track their children's growth charts using helpful information on JCLMyChart.

"JCLMyChart is a big step forward in convenience for our patients," said Nathan Anspach, John C. Lincoln senior vice president and CEO of both the JCL Physician Network of specialty and primary care practices and the JCL Accountable Care Organization.

"Test results are a click away," Anspach said, "and parents can manage their children's health care online, too. We'll be adding this service to even more of our practices during the coming year."

In addition, a Physician Network patient's confidential health record is connected electronically throughout the John C. Lincoln Health Network.

"This means that if you're hospitalized at John C. Lincoln North Mountain or Deer Valley Hospital, doctors and nurses there will have the information at their fingertips they need to serve you," Anspach said. "This is care that connects, and we're proud to offer it."

How to Sign Up

Patients can sign up for JCLMyChart electronically at after obtaining an authorization code at an office visit.

To become a patient within the Physician Network or for more information about the practices offering JCLMyChart, please visit or call 623-580-5800.

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