Information That's Vital: Request an In Case of Emergency Card

In Case of Emergency

Bam! A car crash lands you or a family member in the Emergency Department. You wish you had all the details being asked of you.

Oh no! Your husband is having chest pains, and the paramedics need to know which prescriptions/dosages he's taking. You're so stressed you can't remember.

Make it easy on yourself and have the information you'll need in an emergency at your fingertips. Request an I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) card, fill it out and carry it in your wallet or billfold. You might want to keep it handy on the refrigerator, too.

By filling out an I.C.E. card for you and your family members before you need it, you'll have:

  • Your emergency contacts.
  • Your physician information, including phone number.
  • Your insurance providers.
  • A list of your primary medical conditions.
  • A list of your current medications and supplements.
  • Drug allergies.

To request a free I.C.E. card, please call 480-882-4636 or email

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