Help Feed a Neighbor by Volunteering or Donating to Desert Mission Food Bank

Katie Doyle and Sharon Pierson bag fresh vegetables at the Food Bank
Katie Doyle (right) and Sharon Pierson bag fresh vegetables at the Food Bank.

"It's nice to know that what you're doing is making a difference in someone's life," said Katie Doyle, a Desert Mission Food Bank volunteer for the last six years.

The retired nurse used to check on the development of premature infants once they got home. For the last six years, she has run the register and helped folks seeking emergency food boxes at the Food Bank at 9229 N. Fourth St., Phoenix.

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"I wanted to do something meaningful with my life," she said about her volunteer decision. "When I'm at the Food Bank, I realize that there but for the grace of God go I."

One of approximately 130 volunteers, she watches their numbers drop each summer as snowbirds return home and residents vacation.

Meanwhile, those in need continue to stream in the doors.

"We started 2013 helping an average of 375 families a day," said Food Bank Director Sharon Pierson. "If we stay on that trajectory, we'll need 10 percent more volunteers this summer."

The same goes for donations of food and cash. The recession didn't discriminate when it came to hardship. Food Bank clients range from those with low incomes to laid-off college graduates to individuals who formerly lived in wealthy suburbs.

If you can help with food donations or your time, please visit Or call the John C. Lincoln Health Foundation at 602-331-7860 to mae a cash donation.

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