Deer Valley Hospital Receives Accreditation from American College of Radiology

Radiology Award - 4620
Pictured, left to right, are Valerie Olariu, MRI tech assistant; Steve Boduch, RT, (R), (MR), MRI tech; Tucker; and Pawley with the Philips 1.5 INTERA MRI at Deer Valley.

The American College of Radiology renewed the accreditation for Deer Valley with a gold seal, granting it the highest level of imaging quality and radiation safety, for its Philips 1.5 INTERA MRI.

Phoenix only has 35 places with this accreditation. The accreditation is voluntary, although physicians and insurance companies prefer to send patients to accredited facilities.

The American College of Radiology tests image quality and patient care in a stringent way, said Rich Pawley, RT, (R), (MR), MRI supervisor. Scores were 100 percent in every area.

"We consistently receive a lot of very positive feedback from patients," said Judy Tucker, RT, (R), (CV), director of Diagnostic Imaging at Deer Valley. "MRI testing often is done under stressful situations — patients are scared or claustrophobic — and the department consistently has excellent imaging. Patients also say they feel well cared for and know what to expect."

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