Buddy Up for Breast Health

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Lin Sue Cooney of 12 News

The number-one reason women don't do monthly breast self examinations is because they forget. But a good buddy won't forget.

Neither will John C. Lincoln Hospitals, which have teamed up with Buddy Check 12 to help women protect themselves from breast cancer. Buddy Check 12 encourages women to buddy up and remind each other to perform monthly breast self-exams on the 12th of each month.

Lin Sue Cooney of 12 News has been passionate supporter of the program since it began 12 years ago. Now, along with her new buddy, John C. Lincoln Hospitals, the program will reach more women in the North Valley. You can sign up for Buddy Check 12 online or by calling (602) 462-1212.

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Buddy Check 12 uses monthly reminders from Lin Sue and various incentives and free gifts to keep women motivated to perform breast self exams. Self exams, along with physician exams and routine mammograms, are the best defense against breast cancer.

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