John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital Receives Prestigious Arizona State Quality Award

John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital in Phoenix has been honored by the Arizona State Quality Alliance with its prestigious Arizona Pioneer Award for Quality.

The Pioneer Award for Quality honors organizations that have established and deployed fundamental quality systems within their operations, attaining high levels of performance excellence process implementation.

Arizona Quality Alliance

"This 2008 award reflects years of dedicated hard work by many different Deer Valley teams to establish goals and adopt processes to improve performance. Congratulations!" said Rhonda Forsyth, interim CEO of the Deer Valley hospital and executive vice president and COO of John C. Lincoln Health Network.

The Arizona State Quality Awards are modeled after the stringent Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria and recognize organizations for performance excellence. The Alliance's awards are an opportunity for recognition and also provides feedback on where an organization is positioned on the quality continuum.

"AQA is proud to continue its efforts in assisting Arizona organizations to achieve operational excellence. We are celebrating the 16th anniversary of the State Quality Awards Program, one of the best methodologies available to develop a higher level of organizational performance," said Karen Shepard, Executive Director of the Arizona Quality Alliance.

Awards will be presented between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2009 during a banquet at the Chaparral Suites Resort, Scottsdale.

Noting that John C. Lincoln's mission is "to assist each person entrusted to our care to enjoy the fullest gift of health possible," Forsyth explained that "toward that end, we work with our staff at all levels to pursue a never-ending quest to improve the quality of care and services we offer throughout the Health Network.

"At John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital, we learned much about the relationship between improving processes and enhanced outcomes when we applied for and won the Arizona Quality Alliance 2006 Showcase in Excellence Award for our pediatric emergency department, Mendy's Place," Forsyth said.

Mendy's Place, the North Valley's only emergency department exclusively for children, was selected for its process management for improving staff and patient satisfaction after moving into its new and expanded facility in 2005. Mendy's Place has achieved patient satisfaction scores that rank in the nation's top 1 percent. The children's emergency center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"In the process of applying for the State Quality Award for the hospital as a complete entity," Forsyth said, "we were able to use what we learned in 2006 to make process improvements in quality systems throughout our facility's operations.

"This has led to continuing improvements and high levels of performance excellence in patient care and services in ways we might not have otherwise discovered," Forsyth said.

"The Arizona Quality Alliance Pioneer Award to John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital is not merely an honor recognizing our efforts to provide our patients with the very best care; it actually was a vehicle through which we were able to improve the care and services we are honored to provide to those whose care has been entrusted to us," she said.

John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital's application was submitted in July, and a team of examiners were on-site for three days in October to evaluate John C. Lincoln Deer Valley's business operations and clinical processes. Their findings were reviewed by a panel of judges in making the decision.

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