G-60 Geriatric Trauma Services Program:
Helping Seniors Survive and Thrive

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G-60, the geriatric trauma services program at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital, is designed to provide effective and expedited care for trauma patients 60 and older.

G-60 was developed by Alicia Mangram, MD, medical director for John C. Lincoln Trauma and Critical Care Services in Phoenix, Ariz. The program establishes a multidisciplinary medical team, an accelerated treatment plan and a designated inpatient unit at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital to improve outcomes for older trauma patients.

Statistics About Elderly Trauma Patients

G-60 geriatric trauma team
G-60 Trauma Team

Research has shown that trauma patients aged 60 and older sustain more serious injuries than younger patients with similar causes of trauma. In addition, geriatric patients often experience more complications from their trauma injuries due to chronic medical conditions. Designing a distinct medical program that tailors care to geriatric trauma patients has led to better overall patient outcomes.

Components of the G-60 Program

The G-60 program is uniquely designed to provide specialized care for trauma patients age 60 and older. Led by a trauma surgeon, the program:

  • Expedites identification and triage of potential G-60 patients in the North Mountain Hospital Emergency Department and Level I Trauma Center.
  • Immediately activates the G-60 clinical team when a G-60 patient is identified.
  • Expedites hospital admission of G-60 patients.
  • Assigns the patient to the designated G-60 inpatient unit at North Mountain Hospital, if applicable.
  • Schedules surgery within 48 hours for geriatric patients with orthopedic injuries to improve outcomes.
Geriatric Trauma Center rooms.

Patient Benefits

Geriatric trauma patients that come through John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital's G-60 program will benefit from:

  • A multidisciplinary team of specially trained clinical staff dedicated to caring for geriatric patients that includes trauma surgeons, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, hospitalists, physical rehabilitation specialists, a floor nurse supervisor, a physical/occupational/speech therapist, respiratory therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, social workers and case managers.
  • Expedited care that begins upon arrival at the emergency department.
  • Private hospital rooms with special geriatric accommodations including softer lighting, larger clocks, built in handles and fixtures to move more safely.

For more information about John C. Lincoln's G-60 program call Trauma Services at 602-870-6059.