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In addition to helping save lives, our Level I Trauma Center fulfills our community health mission in two important ways.

First, we collect and track data of all trauma-related injuries from our surrounding communities and rural communities that we serve — what we call our "catchment area." Doing so helps health officials throughout Arizona monitor community trauma care needs.

Second, we provide a number of community education programs that revolve around outreach presentations.

Our Safety Education Programs

We frequently visit high schools, grade schools, churches and community centers to promote safety awareness and injury prevention. A primary focus of our outreach efforts is educating the young about the consequences of unsafe driving practices.

Motorcycle safety: We offer this program every eight weeks at a local motorcycle school. One of our trauma nurses leads a slide-show presentation that covers motorcycle safety, proper equipment and Arizona motorcycle laws.

Teen alcohol awareness: To help teens start out as safe drivers, we offer Choices, a "reality check" program that explores the consequences of drinking and driving. This slide-show presentation is produced by the Emergency Nurses Association and taught by trauma nurses. The presentation encourages high school students to make the right choices when driving, avoiding drinking, drugs, risk-taking behavior, distractions and speeding.

Car-seat safety: Trauma services and representatives from our community's Head Start Program have joined forces to financially assist parents with the purchase of a car seat for their children. A certified bilingual instructor explains proper installation of the car seat, as well as proper placement of the child in the car seat.

Seatbelts in schools: The Injury Prevention Advisory Council and the Governor's Office of Highway Safety have united to implement a program called the "Battle of the Belt." High schools from throughout the state compete in a year-long campaign to improve seat belt usage in their schools.