Kasia: A Scarless Surgery Success Story

As a new mom, Kasia didn't have time for pain. Today, she's not only painless. She's scarless.

Kasia Thimsen, scarless surgery success story
Kasia and her baby boy.

It's been said — and confirmed by mothers the world over — that no pain matches that of giving birth. However, Kasia may disagree.

While she was pregnant with her first child, Kasia began experiencing severe stomach pain. After she had her baby, the attacks became more frequent and the pain even worse. Eventually, she ended up in the emergency room with pain like nothing she had ever felt.

"The pain I experienced was worse than childbirth," says Kasia, who soon after her trip to the emergency room learned she needed to have her gall bladder removed. "I was very nervous. I've never broken a bone and there I was needing an organ taken out!"

A friend referred Kasia to Dr. Rick Low and John C. Lincoln Hospitals. Soon thereafter, she felt completely at ease.

"Everyone (at John C. Lincoln) was so friendly and warm and made me feel comfortable," Kasia says. "After talking to Dr. Low about the procedure and having such caring, capable people around me, I immediately knew I made the right choice."

In addition to his caring demeanor, Dr Low is also one of the first two surgeons in Arizona trained in the latest in minimally invasive, single-incision gall bladder surgery. Using the robotic-assisted surgical system at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital, Dr. Low was able to remove Kasia's gall bladder through just one incision in her belly button, instead of the four small incisions that are usually required for surgeries of this kind.

The result is less pain and faster recovery. Just ask Kasia. A day after undergoing single-incision, robotic-assisted surgery at John C. Lincoln Hospitals, her pain was gone.

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"A day or two after my surgery I was eating normal, carrying my son, pretty much everything I normally do during the day," Kasia raved. "The weekend after my surgery I actually went to a fair and walked around for a couple of hours."

Not only was Kasia free of pain and able to do all the things a mom needs to do, her body was free of any visible scars.

"I knew they'd taken a whole organ out, and naturally I thought there would be a noticeable incision," Kasia says. "But there wasn't. All I had was a small scab and when it fell off, all that was left was my belly button. It didn't look any different from the way it was before surgery."

And while the entire experience was fairly quick and easy for her, Kasia asserts that surgery is a very scary thing to go through and it helps to have support.

"Whether it's a small procedure or life threatening, to have caring people guide you through the process is priceless" Kasia says. "Patients need to know they have the right to a caring hospital and staff, where people really, truly care about you. And one of those hospitals is John C. Lincoln."