Additional Breast Flap Surgery Techniques:
ALT, TAP and TUG Flap Breast Reconstruction

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In addition to DIEP, SIEA, SGAP and latissimus flap breast reconstruction techniques, several other muscle-sparing flap surgery techniques are available to plastic surgeons when the patient's abdomen is not an appropriate donor site.

To identify the best donor site for a breast flap surgery, a plastic surgeon will use a CT angiogram scan to gauge the overall health of blood vessels.

Plastic surgeons of John C. Lincoln's Center for Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, Arizona can perform the following flap surgery techniques:

ALT Flap Breast Reconstruction

The anterolateral thigh flap lies on the exterior of the thigh, above the knee, where the vastus lateralis and the rectus femoris muscles meet. The ALT flap offers a donor site with a large amount soft, supple fat and skin. For this reason, the ALT flap has been used extensively in neck reconstruction surgery, as well as breast reconstruction.

TAP Flap Breast Reconstruction

The TAP flap stands for the thoracodorsal artery perforator flap, which is located under the armpit and back. While a TAP flap does not offer as large a donor area as the abdominal tissue flap, it can be useful for smaller to midsize breast reconstructions.

TUG Flap Breast Reconstruction

The TUG flap stands for the transverse upper gracilis flap, which is harvested from the upper inner thigh — the same location as a medial thigh lift in cosmetic surgery. Tissue in this area is typically soft and supple, and therefore highly conducive to breast and nipple reconstruction.