Child Life Services

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John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital
Child Life Services
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Videos for Kids

View videos that will help you and your child prepare for a hospital experience.

Hospitals can be scary and stressful for most people, but especially for children. Often it is the fear of the unknown that causes children anxiety in a hospital setting. Research has shown that when children are well prepared for medical procedures, their fear and anxiety are greatly reduced, which leads to better outcomes, shorter hospital stays and an overall positive experience.

Child Life Specialists help children and their families cope with stress and anxiety associated with a hospital stay or medical procedure.

More About Child Life

How a Child Life Specialist can help you and your child from the Child Life Council.

These trained professionals with expertise in child development work closely with doctors, nurses and other members of the interdisciplinary team caring for pediatric patients.

Through medical intervention, age-appropriate explanations, therapeutic play and psychosocial support, children learn the use of valuable coping techniques and avoid both short and long term effects of hospitalization.

Child Life Services at Deer Valley Hospital

  • Age-appropriate procedure preparation.
  • Age-appropriate diagnosis explanation.
  • Distraction and relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and build coping skills.
  • Medical and therapeutic play.
  • Pain management techniques.
  • Emotional support to patients and families.

Support Child Life Services

There are many ways you can support services for our youngest patients. Whether you decide to make a cash gift, volunteer your time or start a service project, your support is always greatly appreciated!

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