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Ed - Knee replacement success story

Ed had experienced knee pain nearly all his life. He suffered from a condition called genu varum (extremely bowed legs) since childhood. Despite that, he excelled at sports and even served in the Air Force. "I was in the Air Force for 25 years and ran quite a bit — at least five times a week," Ed said.

But by the time Ed retired from the Air Force in 2001, he could no longer run due to the pain. "I couldn't stand for more than 20 minutes without my knees getting so swollen I could barely walk," he said.

"It was obvious that Ed's deformity had taken a serious toll on his knees," said orthopedic surgeon Steven R. Kassman, MD, at John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital. "Fifty-six is young for a total knee replacement surgery, but bad alignment from the genu varum condition meant stress was not distributed evenly across his knees. As he got older, they wore prematurely."

Ed learned that he had severe osteoarthritis of the knees and would need a double knee replacement as a result of the accelerated wear and tear. Ed was delighted when he learned the surgery would also straighten his legs.

Gone in an Instant

His entire life he had been plagued with knee problems. But in just a few days, the doctors and staff at John C. Lincoln changed his life. For Ed's knee replacements, Dr. Kassman used an advanced technology that reduces friction and improves the longevity of his new knees, which could last up to 30 years.

"It was like a lifelong problem was gone in an instant," Ed said. "Before surgery, I couldn't do anything. Afterwards, I had no pain in my knees, I could think clearer ... it was like a second chance to live a normal life."

Today, Ed goes to the gym frequently to strengthen his legs and improve his flexibility. He's even riding his bicycle again, with his sights set on a 100-mile ride on the two-year anniversary of his knee replacement surgery.

"I feel really blessed," Ed said. "Everyone tells me I look so much happier, my quality of life is so much better, and I feel like I'm 15 years younger."

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