Deborah: An Orthopedics Patient Success Story

A year ago, it was painful for Deborah to walk.
Today, she can't stay off her feet.

deborah, a john c. lincoln orthopedics patient success story

Deborah coaches professional athletes — from golfers to NFL players — on how to perform at their competitive best and edge out their competition. So when she wasn't able to perform at her best due to severe knee pain, she needed to fix it fast. After all, she's used to living life to the fullest.

"I've led a pretty active lifestyle," says Deborah. "Hill jumping motorcycles. Horseback riding. Snowmobiling. A three-day kayak trip through the rapids. Diving with 14-foot great white sharks in Mexico. Traveling to Africa alone. Driving a 600-horsepower racecar at 124 mph."

With a lifestyle like that, being forced to rearrange her day based on knee pain and discomfort was interfering with the things Deborah loves most.

"Something as simple as going to dinner or going to the movies was a struggle because my knee would get achy and stiff," says Deborah. "And at work, I was in pain simply sitting at my desk."

So when her doctor told her the knee was "bone-to-bone," she made the decision to undergo complete knee replacement surgery at John C. Lincoln hospitals. The expert surgeons at John C. Lincoln assured her that their advanced surgical techniques for replacing damaged bones and joints would restore her active lifestyle.

"I've been in the Valley since 1979 so I was familiar with John C. Lincoln," Deborah says. "The technical skill level and knowledge of the entire staff did not disappoint. They were phenomenal," she added, calling her surgeon an "artist" for leaving a barely visible scar.

As an active person who rarely gets sick, it was difficult for Deborah to be down for any period of time. So she decided to speed up her recovery by using the techniques she teaches her athlete clients when they need to recover from injury with increased confidence and return to performing at their best. She combined positive, powerful, performance-enhancing emotional language along with her trademark techniques.

"They told me it would be six to eight weeks before I could walk without a walker," says Deborah. "I told them, we're going to beat the heck out of that."

Sure enough, in just three weeks Deborah no longer needed the assistance of a walker.

What was her secret to a fast recovery?

"I started recovery even before surgery," says Deborah. "I prepared my mind and body mentally and emotionally to feel more confident and positive. I could already see myself with the new metal knee — walking, dancing, doing the things I like to do — and stayed in that outcome."

Deborah also had the support of the personable, professional staff at John C. Lincoln, who made her feel as comfortable as possible through the entire process.

"I'm used to daily walks with my dog, coaching highly talented athletes all over the country and staying active, so lying in a hospital bed for five days was not my ideal situation," Deborah said. "But everyone — from the anesthesiologist to the nurses who took care of me — was genuine, caring, happy and attentive."

Now, Deborah is back to walking two miles a day with her dog, flying around the country for business and she can even sit at her desk and get work done in comfort, instead of the debilitating knee pain she experienced prior to her surgery.

"I don't think about my knee anymore," she says. "I know I can count on it to perform as opposed to wondering when it's going to give out. I know it's going to feel good for a long time, and I don’t have to rearrange my day based on my knee."

And for others who may be facing surgery of any kind, Deborah offers these words of wisdom:

"Trust you can do this. Take it one moment at a time. Remember the outcome."