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Orthopedic Surgery at Deer Valley Hospital

John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital's state-of-the-art Orthopedic Unit has been designed with incredible care and detail to meet the needs of patients recovering from orthopedic surgery in Phoenix. As a designated as a Level III Trauma Center, the patient care services include additional resources and staff education to better serve traumatically injured patients in the North Valley.

orthopedics at deer valley hospital
The new orthopedics unit at John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital offers a number of hotel-like touches, including beds with low-pressure mattresses, designed for patient comfort.

With 30 private rooms, the unit offers an ideal setting for orthopedic surgery in Phoenix. It brings together advanced medical technologies, a rehabilitation center and gymnasium — all in a comfortable, caring environment. The unit's patient-to-staff ratio is five to one.

A highlight of the unit's technology is imaging equipment for spinal fractures. This technology rotates around patients and provides three-dimensional images.

orthopedic surgery phoenix
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Unlike a traditional center for orthopedic surgery in Phoenix, Deer Valley's orthopedics unit feels more like a hotel than a hospital. All patient rooms are large and private — and each has a window. What's more, each room includes a convertible couch, which can be used as a bed by a family member who wishes to stay with the patient. Décor includes wood-laminate floors, soothing colors, soft lighting and artwork.

Half of the rooms are equipped with lifts that can handle almost any patient. As a result, patients can be more easily transferred in and out of beds, and move comfortably around the rooms. All beds have low-pressure mattresses designed for comfort and to reduce pressure points, to maintain skin health.

Orthopedic Surgery at North Mountain Hospital

Like its counterpart, North Mountain Hospital is staffed by some of the top specialists in orthopedic surgery in Phoenix. Yet, because North Mountain also is a Level I Trauma Center, the training of its orthopedic specialists often extends far beyond typical orthopedic surgery.

Numerous trauma orthopedic surgeons perform a vital role on the center's trauma staff, which is ready to provide the highest level of surgical care 24 hours a day. These orthopedic surgeons handle the most extreme cases of trauma orthopedic surgery in Arizona — including severe head, neck and spine injuries, as well as crushed pelvises.

Beyond trauma orthopedics, North Mountain's orthopedic doctors in Phoenix have been quick to adopt some of the newest orthopedic surgery techniques. These approaches have successfully reduced post-surgical pain, lessened the risk of complications and shortened recovery times.

One of these surgical techniques is called anterior total hip replacement, in which surgeons can reach the hip joint without disturbing surrounding tendons or muscle. Because tendons are never detached, the risk for post-surgical hip dislocation is far lower.

Nursing is another part of the equation for orthopedic surgery in Phoenix at North Mountain Hospital, which has been designated a Magnet hospital by the American Nurses Association since 2004. Considered the national gold standard for nursing quality, Magnet status is shared by approximately 4 percent of the nation's 6,000-plus hospitals.

Many North Mountain nurses have additional training for orthopedics patients; some earning special certification in orthopedic care.

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