Torn Meniscus Trimming: Meniscus Knee Surgery

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The knee has a pair of crescent-shaped pads of cartilage, called menisci, that absorb shock and reduce friction between the shinbone (tibia) and the thigh (femur). When a tear develops in a meniscus, knee surgery is typically recommended. Left untreated, loose meniscus tissue can drift into the knee joint, causing the knee to slip, pop or lock.

A meniscus can tear in many ways. Injuries are most common in sports (from squatting and twisting, or direct contact) and older patients whose cartilage has degenerated over time.

For some patients, the most appropriate treatment is to trim away loose tissue from the damaged meniscus. Knee surgery is performed using an arthroscope — a miniaturized fiber-optic camera.

The orthopedics departments of John C. Lincoln Hospitals invite you to watch the following introduction to torn meniscus trimming.