Better Breathers Support Group

better breathers support group in phoenix az

A monthly support group for patients with lung disease, Better Breathers provides patients and their caregivers with information from medical professionals, as well as a forum for sharing experiences and offering encouragement.

Educational speakers discuss nutrition, medications, the latest in oxygen and other medical equipment for home care.

Patients also participate in "harmonica therapy," an entertaining and motivating form of lung rehabilitation. Breathing is a two-part process, involving two different sets of muscles for inhaling and exhaling. Harmonicas exercise both.

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Better Breathers meets on the fourth Thursday of every month from 1:30 to 3 p.m. To check the support group's next scheduled meeting, visit our site's Calendar of Events.

  • For more information about the program, including meeting locations, please call John C. Lincoln Health Network's Respiratory Care Department at 602-870-6060 ext. 5793.
  • To gain a better idea of a typical Better Breathers meeting, see the article "Harmonicas Teach Better Breathing" in our News & Events section.