Ginger: A Heart Disease Survivor’s Story

Heart Disease Survivor Story - Ginger Green

When Ginger went to her annual physical in March of 2011, she casually told her doctor about a slight pain in her mid-back. Just to be on the safe side, he suggested a nuclear stress test.

"I had some on-the-job stress but had no symptoms of heart problems to speak of, so I wasn't too worried about it," says Ginger, who works as a hospice nurse.

So she was shocked when the following Monday her phone rang off the hook and her doctors told her she had a blockage in her heart. She would have to be admitted to John C. Lincoln hospital for an angiogram, they said.

"I was in total denial when I heard the news," says Ginger. "I thought I would be admitted to John C. Lincoln, have a stent placement—a pretty common practice—and be back at work the following week."

And she had reason to be optimistic. Her physician Dr. Gordon Young and cardiologist Dr. Adam Sabbath are among the best in their field. Plus, John C. Lincoln is an accredited and credentialed Chest Pain, Heart Failure and Cardiac Arrest Center.

But when she awoke from her angiogram, she received some unsettling news: her heart was 95% blocked and couldn't be stinted. She would have to undergo bypass surgery.

"Things started moving fast," says Ginger. "Consents signed, explanations given, operating team getting organized & surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists. And through it all, my team put me at the forefront, keeping me calm and informed and asking if I was OK."

Eight months after a successful surgery, Ginger is 100 percent recovered and living a much more balanced life, exercising properly, eating right and learning to better handles stress. "I'm even taking piano lessons," she says.

And she gives all the credit to the experienced, caring medical staff and remarkable rehabilitation program at John C. Lincoln.

"Everyone was kind, professional and encouraging, always taking time to see to my needs," says Ginger. "I have been in all major central Phoenix hospitals and I can say without hesitation my best experience has been with John C. Lincoln."