John C. Lincoln Health Network At a Glance

Annual Report

For current facts about John C. Lincoln Health Network, view our annual report.

The John C. Lincoln Health Network is a not-for-profit organization consisting of more than 3,500 employees and a medical staff of more than 1,100 physicians.

Our network's service area encompasses the north central areas of Maricopa County including the area along the Interstate-17 corridor north to Black Canyon City. In addition, Level I trauma patients are flown in from all parts of Northern Arizona and contiguous areas of three surrounding states.

John C. Lincoln Hospitals

John C. Lincoln operates two hospitals that provide a full range of acute and extended medical services:

Every year, each hospital's 24-hour emergency department treats approximately 50,000 patients, whose diagnoses range from illnesses and minor injuries to major medical emergencies. These emergency departments are staffed by board-certified emergency physicians and nurses.

John C. Lincoln Physician Network

In 2010, John C. Lincoln's Physician Network encompassed 19 physician practices and specialty centers located throughout north Phoenix, Glendale and Scottsdale. Collectively, these centers administer medical care to more than 200,000 persons annually.

Physician Network primary care practices offer a wide range family-centered medical services, including urgent care. Specialty practices focus on the disciplines of gastroenterology, audiology and neurology.

Learn more about the Physician Network at

Desert Mission

Community service is the cornerstone of the John C. Lincoln Health Network, which was founded in 1927 as Desert Mission to address the health and social needs of struggling families in North Phoenix.

Through six specialized programs, Desert Mission continues the legacy of caring for our community by meeting the basic needs of our most vulnerable community members and help them reach their full potential for health and self-sufficiency.

Desert Mission's community service programs are:

John C. Lincoln Health Foundation

John C. Lincoln Health Foundation is the philanthropic and fundraising branch that supports the Network's medical and charitable missions.

Foundation develops relationships and financial resources to support the health care programs, projects and services of John C. Lincoln. Fundraising activities neared $3.3 million in 2010.

Honored by Experts, Honored to Serve

The honor and privilege of serving the people of North Phoenix has been a mission that's driven our efforts for more than 80 years. Although our focus is local, we hold ourselves to standards of health care and business excellence worthy of national recognition. From nursing care to community services to business ethics and more, we've been honored by experts with awards for practically every aspect of what we do. View a list of awards and honors earned by John C. Lincoln Health Network over recent years, visit

However, the greatest honor of all is that people trust us with their lives in moments of their greatest vulnerability. That's a privilege we take seriously.