Pay & Scheduling

You consider many factors when deciding where to work. Pay and benefits are important, of course, but so are other factors, such as flexible hours, commitment to a work-life balance for employees and excellence in patient care.

We believe that our many programs designed especially for nurses set us apart from the rest and contribute to having some of the best nurses anywhere.

Pay Practices

Our nurse salaries are very competitive, and in addition, our nurses have an opportunity to increase their pay by participating in a number of programs.

Preceptor Pay: Volunteer as a preceptor to orient and train nursing students and new graduates and receive additional financial compensation.

Shift Differential: Receive additional compensation for working certain shifts, including evenings, nights and weekends.

BSN Differential: Our nurses receive a pay differential for graduating with a BSN degree.

Referral Bonuses: Once you join our team, you can earn employee referral bonuses for helping us hire qualified nurses like yourself.

Specialty Certifications: Our nurses are not only recognized for their expertise, but also compensated for it! Many of our nurses have specialty certifications in a wide range of fields and receive a salary differential for the specialty area in which they are credentialed. For more on specialty credentialing, visit American Nurses Credentialing Center at

PRIDE Program

Our PRIDE (Professional Recognition Incentives for Development and Excellence) Program allows nurses to earn a bonus for professional excellence. Nurses can choose each year if they want to participate in the program based on their personal and professional priorities.


Nurses can take advantage of excellent benefits packages available to John C. employees, including the flexibility to customize benefits to your needs. Visit our Benefits page for detailed information on employee benefits.

Flexible Self-Scheduling

Our nurses can actually create their own schedules. In select areas, nurses can choose 8-, 10- or 12-hour shifts and choose the days they prefer to work.