FAQ for Job Seekers

How do I apply for a job at John C. Lincoln Health Network?

All prospective applicants must submit their applications online to be considered a candidate. Online applications are kept in a database that allows us to track and transfer information electronically to hiring managers at the John C. Lincoln location that interests you. Every employment application is linked to a specific job opening. We only accept applications for open positions, and each open position of interest requires a separate application.

If you are disabled and your disability prevents you from easily completing the online application, you may visit one of the Human Resources offices for assistance. If you are not a local candidate, contact Human Resources by phone for assistance:

Deer Valley Human Resources:


North Mountain Human Resources:


How will I know that my application has been received and has been considered?

Minutes after you submit your online application for a particular job, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your online application has been received by the appropriate Human Resources office (Deer Valley or North Mountain). Every online application is reviewed by a recruiter. John C. Lincoln Health Network receives between 2,000 and 4,000 applications per month. Regrettably, our applicant volume makes it impractical to send a personal letter to each applicant advising him or her that the job of interest has been filled.

How can I find out if a job is still open?

If the job is still posted on our website, the job is still open. The job will disappear from the website the moment the recruiter elects to close the job. At the point in time that a job is removed from the website, the recruiter has stopped accepting applications for the position.

What if the job or jobs that interest me are not currently posted on the website?

An individual who is interested in a job that is not posted on the website may use our Job Agent/Career Mail feature. This unique notification feature permits you to identify specific jobs of interest to you from a menu of job titles. The system, in turn, is programmed to notify you via e-mail should the job(s) of interest open in the future. The Career Mail feature is located at the bottom of the Apply Now page. Scroll to the bottom of the job search page and click on "Log-in Now." Then click on "Job Agent" and select the job titles that interest you (and for which you think you are qualified) and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. Career Mail will send you confirmation of your submission via e-mail.

When will I be contacted regarding an interview?

If you are selected for an interview, a Human Resources representative will contact you. The length of time varies between submission of an application and contact with the applicant.

Is there a way I can check the status of my application?

The volume of applications and review process make it impractical to provide timely and accurate information about the status of any particular application.

How long is my application active?

Every job opening requires a separate job application. Therefore, your application becomes inactive as soon as the job is filled. However, your online application will be archived and can be re-activated and re-submitted for other open jobs. Each time you apply for a job, you will have an opportunity to revise your online document or re-submit it as is.

How do I make changes or update my application information?

Each time you apply for a job, you have an opportunity to revise and re-submit your online document. You can also submit a revised application for the same job. When there are duplicate online applications for the same position, our recruiters will review the most recent submission and purge all earlier versions of the online application.

Does John C. Lincoln offer Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) training?

No, John C. Lincoln does not offer CNA training.

Is John C. Lincoln an Equal Opportunity Employer?

John C. Lincoln Health Network is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace. Selection and employment of applicants is made on the basis of their qualifications, without regard for age, disability, national origin, race, color, religion, sex or veterans status. For TTY/TDD service, please dial 711 followed by our main number 602-870-6060.

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