Quality and Safety

At John C. Lincoln, We Care About Your Care

Health is our most precious possession. We consider it our privilege and responsibility to provide safe, quality care and to ensure that our patients' experiences are good ones.

Quality care means using advanced technology and procedures. But it also means respecting patients as partners to achieve the outcomes they desire and making their loved ones feel welcome and informed.

Our Longstanding Commitment to Quality

John C. Lincoln Health Network has embraced transparency in reporting quality, patient satisfaction and pricing. We have been voluntarily providing data to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other organizations. Our patient experience surveys are conducted by a third-party leader in health care satisfaction measurement.

In addition to publicly reporting our data, we also evaluate our results on a monthly basis — or more often — to understand our patients' needs and to continually improve the care and service that we provide.

Here are our most recent results for hospital rating and recommendations:

overall hospital rating
For the specific HCAHPS reporting period, 74 and 68 percent of patients, respectively, rated the overall quality of John C. Lincoln Deer Valley and North Mountain hospitals 9 to 10, where 10 represents the "best" hospital.
definitely recommend
For the specific HCAHPS reporting period, 77 and 75 percent of patients say they would "definitely recommend" John C. Lincoln Deer Valley and North Mountain hospitals respectively. An Arizona average is unavailable.

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