Specialty Surgical Care

The third floor of John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital has been transformed to provide unparalleled patient-centered care for patients, families and their caregivers.

The 21,350 square-foot floor features 28 private rooms dedicated to elective orthopedic, neuro, spine and urology procedures.

Specialty Surgical Care Video
Video: See how Specialty Surgical Care is designed to have an atmosphere of caring, comfort and convenience — for patients and their loved ones.

Designed with Patients in Mind

A visit to Specialty Surgical Care begins with a welcome from a personal greeter in North Mountain Hospital's main lobby. From there, the personal greeter guides patients to their rooms, where patients immediately notice an impressive level of technology, personalized comfort and elegance — all matched by excellence in nursing and physician care.

Examples of patient-centered design touches include:

  • Personalized admission procedures are performed in the privacy of the patient's room.
  • Patients are presented with personalized gift bags containing items they may need while hospitalized.
  • Elegantly designed private rooms feature warm aesthetics, an etched glass headwall and a dresser and safe for storing personal belongings. Spacious rooms afford family members and friends ample room to relax. Further guest amenities include a visitors lounge and concierge station.
  • Orthopedic patients benefit from rooms equipped with a Liko lift and Secure Track system. The Liko lift gently and safely raises patients out of bed and transports them across the room. The Secure Track system, located in the hallway, safely holds patients as they begin walking — as soon as possible after surgery — without fear of falling or difficulties managing traditional walkers.

Efficient Floor Plan and Communication Technologies Enhance Medical Care Quality

Specialty Surgical Care's streamlined floorplan and advanced technologies enable John C. Lincoln’s health care staff to provide an even higher level of medical care.

  • Each room includes an individual medical records computer connection.
  • Communication boards provide up-to-date information about clinical staff who are providing patient care.
  • Patient rooms encircle interdisciplinary clinical collaboration stations at each end of the Specialty Surgery Care floor. These collaboration stations not only increase staff visibility, but also support improved communications between doctors and clinical staff, through designated dictation and charting capabilities.

For a referral to a Specialty Surgical Care physician, call 602-943-1111.