Average Pricing Information

Average prices for common adult procedures are available to assist in making an informed decision about the cost of care at a John C. Lincoln Health Network facility. The "Average Charge" represents a blend of hospital based and outpatient based procedure charges.

Our estimated prices do not include physicians' fees. For example, your surgeon, radiologist, anesthesiologist, emergency physician or the other physicians treating you during the hospital stay may bill you separately for services.

As you review this site for procedure costs, it is important to understand that your procedure price may vary based on pre-existing health conditions, the exact procedure performed, length of surgery time, and the length of stay in the hospital.

We have provided a few tools to guide you in this decision:

If you have Medicare, your deductible for inpatient procedures is $1,216, which is included in the numbers below. If you have another insurer, please check your health plan policy or contact your insurer to determine your deductible.


Average Charge: $19,832
Average Payment with AHCCCS: $2,646
Average Payment with Medicare: $4,136

The prices provided are valid until June 30, 2015, and may be subject to change.

These prices DO NOT INCLUDE physicians' fees such as your surgeon, anesthesiologist or radiologist. Please contact those offices directly for price information. Your actual price may vary based on pre-existing health conditions and the actual procedure performed.

What IS INCLUDED in these prices?

Prices include John C. Lincoln Health Network equipment fees, staff time and supplies.

What IS NOT INCLUDED in these prices?

Prices DO NOT INCLUDE physicians' fees such as your surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist or radiologist. They will bill you separately for their services. Please contact those offices directly for their price information.

Will my bill be different than the price listed here?

The amount you owe may vary due to a number of circumstances:

  • Additional testing, medications, services or procedures ordered.
  • The procedure planned may not be the procedure performed based on your physician's assessment.
  • Pre-existing health factors such as obesity, diabetes or smoking may impact your medical needs.
  • If you have insurance, the type of insurance you have, your deductibles, coinsurance or out-of-pocket limits will determine your final bill.

To get the most accurate information, contact your insurance company to understand your actual financial obligation for a test or procedure.

What if I can't find the procedure I'm looking for?

If you have questions about a procedure or a location that is not listed on our website or you need additional information, please contact a John C. Lincoln Health Network representative. To assist you, we will need the procedure to be performed and CPT or DRG code for that procedure. You can obtain the appropriate CPT or DRG code(s) from your physician's office.

Physician office services: 623-434-6148

Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient services: 623-434-6287

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Sometimes it is more useful to speak with someone about the cost of a hospital stay or outpatient procedure. To do so, please call our Pre-Services Department at 623-434-6287. We are available Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Pre-Services Office can also assist you with payment options, financial assistance policies or answer general billing questions.

Note: Any discounts, regardless of type, do not apply where the patient secures a recovery on an injury claim, including, but not limited to, situations where the Hospital has lien rights pursuant to A.R.S. Sections 33-931 – 33-934, meaning if there is a lien settlement Hospital will collect lien funds.