Grateful Patient Program

Recognize the John C. Lincoln medical professionals who cared for you with a Grateful Patient gift.

It's humbling to put your life and health into the hands of another — a doctor, a nurse, a caregiver whom you can trust in your moment of greatest vulnerability.

Say Thanks with a Grateful Patient Gift

With John C. Lincoln's Grateful Patient program, you can say thank you in a permanent and significant way. Show your gratitude for the care you have been given at John C. Lincoln Hospitals, or honor the memory of a family member or friend who received care from us.

Your gift to the program not only recognizes the people who cared for you. It also directly supports the care they provide — from purchasing the latest medical treatments and technologies, to funding continuing education for caregivers.

In the end, you will be a life-saving "Grateful Patient," as well.

grateful patient program - children smiling