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In 2008, the Hatcher Road Overlay Project was adopted to further revitalize the area. The overlay provided design standards, parking options, development incentives and entitlements for existing businesses and future business/property development.

With funding from the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, State Farm Insurance and John C. Lincoln Health Network, DMNR has implemented a proactive, responsive and effective outreach program for business along the entire corridor, including:

  • Publishing the annual Hatcher Road and District Walking Map and Directory (PDF; requires free Adobe Reader software).
  • Creating Hatcher Happenings (PDF; requires free Adobe Reader software), a newsletter for and about businesses on Hatcher Road.
  • Conducting the Road Traffic Patterns Study by the Street Transportation Department.
  • Providing engineering consulting and technical assistance to help local business owners.
  • Supporting business owners in applying for property improvement funding.
  • Helping business liaisons work directly with businesses and address needs/concerns.

As a result of these efforts, DMNR has established communications with more than 100 businesses. We continue to look for additional ways to increase funding and support.

Through a grant to DMNR by the Community Development Block Grant Program and the City of Phoenix, small business owners can have access to no-cost consulting services from private-sector consultants who specialize in areas such as marketing, accounting/finance, web design and human resources.

Beneficiaries of this Program

Art's Family Auto Repair

  • Marketing and procurement consulting services through the City of Phoenix Management and Technical Assistance Program.
  • Website development.

B&B Printery

  • Storefront Improvement Grant funded by DMR/LISC/State Farm.

Nutek Auto Repair

  • Engineering Services provided through a grant from DMNR/LISC/State Farm.
  • Marketing consulting services through the City of Phoenix Management and Technical Assistance Program.
  • Website development.

To be eligible for this program, your business must be located between Peoria Road and Dunlap Avenue and 19th Avenue and 16th Street. Additional criteria must be met and can be discussed in an introductory meeting.

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Download a Homeowner Assistance Checklist and Application before making an appointment. (PDF document; requires free Adobe Reader software.)