Preschool at Lincoln Learning Center

preschool in phoenix az at lincoln learning center

Lincoln Learning Center's Phoenix preschool program provides children advanced opportunities to acquire the skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten. More than 93 percent of the preschool children who complete our program meet key developmental milestones before entering their first year of grade school.

Further, our Phoenix preschool students typically score higher than the national average for reading readiness by the time they enter grade school.

Three Reasons to Choose Our Preschool in Phoenix

While there are many Phoenix preschools to choose from, Lincoln Learning Center sets itself apart in three important ways.

1. Our Phoenix preschool is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Fewer than 10 percent of early childhood programs in Arizona are accredited by NAEYC. In accordance with NAEYC accreditation guidelines, our quality-focused curriculum guides teachers to incorporate content, concepts and activities that foster social and emotional, physical, cognitive and language skills.

2. We maintain a high teacher-to-student ratio at all times. The majority of our teachers and administrators have been committed to our program for years, providing excellent continuity in relationships with children and their families, and with the academic program itself. Lincoln Learning Center's professionally trained staff is dedicated to providing developmentally appropriate programs with a diverse and encouraging learning environment.

3. We use Creative Curriculum, a research-based program that helps children prepare for academic success and lifelong learning. Curriculum content integrates key areas of literacy, mathematics, science, technology, creative expression, arts, health and safety, and social studies.

Age-Appropriate Lesson Plans

Many families are surprised to learn that we offer age-appropriate lesson plans for even the youngest of children. Daily schedules consist of age-appropriate activities that are carefully designed to enhance developmental growth — all within a warm and caring environment — in the areas of problem solving, gross and fine motor skills, creative expression and communication. Children are also assessed weekly to ensure that they are reaching their developmental milestones.

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To learn more about opportunities at Lincoln Learning Center for your preschool child, call us today at 602-943-3731, or use our online information request form.