Current Campaigns

Fight Hunger Campaign: Help Us Change a Life

desert mission fight hunger campaign

By supporting Desert Mission through our Fight Hunger Campaign, you can bring food security to our community's vulnerable children, families and the elderly.

  • $40 will feed 10 children for a weekend.
  • $50 will feed a family of five for 10 days.
  • $60 will feed 2 families for a month.
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Working Poor Tax Credit

arizona workoing poor tax credit

You can support Desert Mission programs by directing some of your tax dollars through the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit.

This is a direct credit, not a deduction. It reduces your state income tax payment by as much as $200 for individuals and as much as $400 for married couples filing jointly, when you give that amount to qualifying nonprofit organizations that serve the working poor.

Donate online and in the Donation Information section, choose "Desert Mission Working Poor Tax Credit" in the Designation field.

To learn more about the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit, visit or talk with your tax professional.