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aerial view of Deer Valley Hospital campus
The 1990s see an enormous residential expansion in the North Valley of the Phoenix metropolitan area. John C. Lincoln Health Network merges with Phoenix General Hospital and expands its pediatric, critical care and emergency services to serve this growing population.
Dan Coleman at Desert Mission Food Bank
Under the leadership of Dan Coleman, only the third CEO in Lincoln's storied history, Desert Mission flourishes in the 1990s and continues to provide emergency food supplies, social services, health care and community services to the North Valley.
smiling patient at Children's Dental Clinic
New space for the John C. Lincoln Children's Dental Clinic allows volunteer dentists to brighten the smiles of area children.
,other and children
Lincoln House provides this young mother with social services and the modest sum of $75 for a certified nursing assistant test, allowing her to obtain a well-paying job and lift herself and her family out of financial crisis.

1999 - The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation step in as part of the "Raising Hope, Building Futures" to help provide funds to continue serving Sunnyslope families well into the future. Lincoln House is renamed Marley House in honor of this generous foundation.

1999 - Panama gains control of the Panama Canal.

1999 - NATO launches air strikes against Yugoslavia.

1998 - The "Raising Hope, Building Futures" capital campaign raises $4 million to expand the Lincoln Learning Center facility and creates an endowment to continue the work at Lincoln House to end child abuse and neglect.

1998 - John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital opens Mendy's Place, then the only children's emergency center in North Phoenix. Named for John C. Lincoln's kid-friendly mascot, Mendy's Place is backed up by the resources of the hospital's adjacent emergency department.

1998 - Two American embassies in Eastern Africa are destroyed by terrorist bombs, precipitating an attack on a training facility in Afghanistan and a chemical plant in Sudan by the United States in retaliation.

1997 - Mendy, RN, joins the staff of John C. Lincoln Health Network to serve as the lovable mascot representing its many children's programs. Mendy earned her nickname for her commitment to helping "mend" children when they're hurt or injured.

1997 - John C. Lincoln Hospital merges with Phoenix General Hospital, creating the John C. Lincoln Health Network.

1996 - The Arizona State Health Department, through its Tobacco Tax grants, funds the Children Health Services program, allowing John C. Lincoln to significantly expand its health services to low-income children in the Sunnyslope area, through the establishment of the John C. Lincoln Community Health Center.

1996 - Bryans Extended Care Center begins its School-to-Work program, giving local high school students the opportunity to learn health care skills and receive a Certified Nursing Assistant credential upon graduation from the program.

1996 - Lincoln House, a family resource center, opens to provide families with social services that help them get through times of crisis.

1995 - John C. Lincoln Hospital joins with community partners — including city, county and state departments, local schools, neighborhood and civic groups, faith communities and businesses — to form the Sunnyslope Youth and Family Partnership. The Partnership focuses on initiatives and programs to enhance the health and well-being of low-income children and families in Sunnyslope.

1995 - A result of the fundraising efforts of the John C. Lincoln Health Foundation, the Desert Mission Food Bank and the Children's Dental Clinic moves into newly constructed facilities on Fourth Street, just south of Hatcher Road. John C. Lincoln Health Network continues to be the first and only hospital network in Phoenix to operate a food bank. As a result of its expanded storage facilities, the food bank doubles the number of Emergency Food Boxes it distributes by the end of the decade, to 56,000. The dental clinic dramatically increases its caseload; in 2001, the clinic served 850 children.

1994 - Helen C. Lincoln passes away on Nov. 12, 1994, at the age of 102.

1994 - The John C. Lincoln Health Foundation Guild funds a grant that creates Elementary School Health Centers, which send a nurse practitioner to area schools to perform much-needed health screenings.

1994 - Lincoln Learning Center begins a Head Start program — a pre-school education program giving at-risk children a jump on their education — making John C. Lincoln Hospital the only hospital in Phoenix to support a program of this kind.

1994 - John C. Lincoln opens the Birthing Center with beautiful, homey rooms, allowing expectant mothers to remain in one room throughout labor and delivery.

1993 - Bryans Extended Care Center begins its Therapeutic Art program. Artists with many different kinds of disabilities and medical conditions learn skills that aid in their recovery. Quadriplegic Tyree Honga, a long-time member of the program paints vivid recollections of his life on the Hualapai Reservation using a brush in his mouth. Tyree's work has received much acclaim including displays in local galleries.

1993 - John C. Lincoln opens the Breast Care Center on the third floor of the hospital. The center is designed to make women feel as comfortable as possible while receiving breast care diagnostic services.

1992 - Bryans Extended Care Center opens a pediatric unit.

1992 - The United States and Russia sign a treaty officially ending the Cold War.

1992 - Bill Clinton is inaugurated as President of the United States.

1992 - The number of Web server hosts surpasses 1,000,000.

1991 - The Sunnyslope Elementary School principal tells John C. Lincoln leaders that children from the school are asking for extra meals because they weren't getting enough to eat at home. John C. Lincoln Hospital begins providing healthy snacks each day to this school, a program that has continued through today.

1991 - Helen C. Lincoln turns 100 on Sept. 26, 1991. Six decades earlier, she was told by doctors that she had a mere two years left to live. Unwilling to give up on life, she fought for her health and eventually dedicated her life to improving the health of others.

1991 - John C. Lincoln Hospital sponsors the first Southeast Asia Cultural Fair at Sunnyslope Elementary School. Combining resources with the City of Phoenix and the Sunnyslope Village Alliance, the fair gave Sunnyslope residents the opportunity to get to know the culture of their new neighbors from Southeast Asia.

1991 - Tim Berners-Lee develops the World Wide Web. CERN releases the first Web server.

1990 - John C. Lincoln Hospital holds its first Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony. This spectacular event has grown to become an annual tradition for Sunnyslope families.

1990 - Iraqi forces invades Kuwait, precipitating U.S. involvement in what became known as the Gulf War.

1990 - Hubble Space Telescope launches.

1990s - The availability of low-cost housing in Sunnyslope attracts the attention of local refuge resettlement centers. Throughout the 1990s, refuges from all over the world, including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Laos, Vietnam, and Central and South America resettled in Sunnyslope. By the year 2000, 43 languages are spoken in local elementary and secondary schools.

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