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timeline 1970s
A joint operation of Lincoln Hospital and then-named Samaritan Health Service, the Lincoln Samaritan AIR EVAC helicopter flies the first mission of a round-the-clock medical emergency air service in Phoenix, in 1979.
timeline 1970s
Recognizing the enormous treatment opportunities opened to medicine by innovations in cardiac care, physicians and nurses at John C. Lincoln lead the organization into new services. The Mobile Coronary Care Unit is the first of its kind in the Valley and allows nurses to bring cardiac care directly to patients in emergency situations.
timeline 1970s
North Phoenix in 1979.
timeline 1970s
Built in 1974, Hancox Desert Lodge, now named John C. Lincoln Senior Apartments, provides assisted living accommodations for the growing number of retirees and seniors living in Sunnyslope.
timeline 1970s
Additions to John C. Lincoln Hospital in the 1970s add three stories to its height and 72 beds, for a total of 282 licensed beds.

1979 - Twelve years after Ray Leitner first predicts the regular use of medical helicopters, the Lincoln Samaritan AIR EVAC helicopter flew the first mission of a round-the-clock medical emergency air service in Phoenix, jointly operated by Lincoln Hospital and then-named Samaritan Health Service.

1979 - John C. Lincoln Hospital receives official designation as a Level I Trauma Center.

1978 - The sixth floor of the hospital is completed, thus adding 72 more beds for a total of 282 licensed beds.

1977 - Jimmy Carter is inaugurated as President of the United States.

1976 - The fifth floor of John C. Lincoln Hospital is completed, adding a 54-bed orthopedic unit and a 12-bed pediatric unit to the hospital.

1976 - The Viking spacecraft lands on Mars.

1974 - In response to the growing number of seniors living in Sunnyslope, Hancox Desert Lodge, an apartment complex built for seniors, is completed. The facility offers 141 apartments, a dining room, a kitchen, laundry rooms, a lobby, lounge, recreation area, beauty salon, swimming pool and gift shop.

1974 - John C. Lincoln Hospital becomes the first hospital to install sophisticated radio equipment (telemetry) necessary to the paramedic program and subsequently becomes the first emergency base station in Phoenix. The hospital also furnishes the first radio repeater unit, which was mounted on North Mountain, to the City of Phoenix. Medic One becomes Rescue #7, based at Fire Station #7, just north of the hospital.

1974 - Gerald Ford is inaugurated as President of the United States.

1973 - The mobile coronary care unit is renamed Medic One and begins responding to fire department emergency medical calls. The unit is staffed by two fire department paramedics and a registered nurse, boasts an average response time of five minutes and receives more than 100 calls per month. Medic One eventually becomes the model for the Phoenix Fire Department's paramedic program.

1973 - John C. Lincoln Hospital, in cooperation with the Phoenix Fire Department, begins developing a paramedic training program.

1973 - Valley Emergency Medical Services (VEMS) is formed by John C. Lincoln Hospital and several other Phoenix hospitals to develop guidelines for a paramedic program in Phoenix.

1973 - The Watergate scandal shocks the nation, resulting in the impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

1973 - Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf develop the basic ideas of the Internet.

1972 - U.S. withdraws from Vietnam.

1971 - During the late 1960s, numerous studies find that many heart attack victims fail to survive because they cannot be treated or reach a hospital emergency room quickly enough. Recognizing that earlier treatment could save lives, William Dozer, MD, John C. Lincoln Hospital's chief of coronary care, convinced the hospital's administration and medical staff to develop a mobile coronary care unit. Chester Hanson, one of the owners of Associated Ambulance Company, supply an ambulance and driver for the service. On Dec. 14, 1971, John C. Lincoln Hospital and Associated Ambulance begin joint operation of a mobile coronary care unit staffed by registered nurses.

1971 - The Equal Rights Amendment is passed by Congress.

1970 - John C. Lincoln Hospital opens its fourth floor with expanded care for coronary patients and a general patient care unit.

1970s - Growth in the Valley of the Sun continues unabated. By 1974, 1 million residents live in the city of Phoenix.

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