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timeline 1920s - McCahan Memorial Chapel at Christmas
McCahan Memorial Chapel at Christmas.
timeline 1920s - Patients enjoy the healthful Arizona air
Patients enjoy the healthful Arizona air outside Osborne Cottage Medical Clinic.
timeline 1920s -  Marguerite Colley
As seen in this later photograph, Marguerite Colley begins a Desert Mission tradition when she gives the first "Sunshine Box," a Christmas-time gift box of food for the holidays, to struggling families in 1921. This tradition continues today through the Desert Mission Food Bank Adopt A Family program.

1929 - Elizabeth Beatty and Mrs. Evert Williams, a convalescent living in Dreamy Draw, form the Sunnyslope Aid Society, which later becomes the North Side Welfare Association.

1929 - Dedication ceremonies are held for the Phoenix Knights of the Round Table Library, the first public library in Sunnyslope. By the mid-1950s, when it is taken over by Maricopa County, the library houses 17,000 books.

1929 - Reverend Hillhouse quickly realizes that the needs of his parish extend far beyond the spiritual. He outlines the physical needs of his parish in countless letters — which he sends throughout the country — and in talks given to Phoenix residents. His efforts result in numerous donations that help begin needed building projects at Desert Mission. As a result, Osborne Cottage is erected and used as the first medical clinic in Sunnyslope by volunteer physician Fred Holmes, MD, and his associates. One room is supplied with dental equipment, allowing visiting dentists to treat children.

1929 - The Arizona Biltmore — the first major resort hotel in Phoenix — opens.

1929 - The New York Stock Market crashes to an all-time low on Oct 29, 1929 (Black Tuesday). The Great Depression begins.

1929 - Herbert Hoover is inaugurated as President of the United States.

1928 - Sir Alexander Fleming discovers the world's first antibiotic, penicillin.

1927 - In his travels throughout the state and across the country, Himebaugh speaks of the needs of the sick, drawing attention to Sunnyslope from as far away as Pennsylvania. Sarah McCahan, a wealthy laywoman from Philadelphia, sponsors the building of a permanent chapel. She donates $750, and Clarence and Nancy Gould, local Sunnyslope residents, contribute two lots at what is now the northwest corner of Eva and Fourth Streets. On October 3, 1927, dedication ceremonies are held for the McCahan Memorial Chapel. Henceforth, the mission would formally be known as Desert Mission.

1927 - The Reverend Joseph N. Hillhouse begins working to develop the mission at Sunnyslope, eventually becoming Desert Mission's first administrator.

1927 - Charles Lindbergh flies solo from New York to Paris.

1925 - W. D. Himebaugh, a lay Presbyterian missionary, organizes a Sunday School in the home of one of Sunnyslope's convalescents.

1923 - Invention of the television by Vladimir Zworkin, U.S.

1921 - Under the direction of Elizabeth Beatty, local women's groups furnish turkey dinners to a number of bed-ridden residents of the Sunnyslope health camps for Thanksgiving. At Christmas, shoe boxes covered with brightly colored paper and filled with home-made candies, cakes and popcorn balls are distributed in the health camp by Frank Hilgeman, a local rancher chosen to play Santa Claus. Desert Mission Food Bank's annual Turkey Drive and Adopt A Family programs continue the tradition of this early day charity.

1921 - Warren Harding is inaugurated as President of the United States.

1920 - Elizabeth Beatty, a retired railroad stenographer who moved to Arizona with her sister, begins working with Marguerite Colley. Elizabeth organizes local women's groups and raises money to help Marguerite provide needed health care and social services to the indigent sick in Sunnyslope. Together, the two became known as the "Angels of the Desert."

1920 - Earle Dickson invents the Band-Aid® for his wife, an accomplished but accident-prone cook.

1920 - The 19th Amendment is ratified, giving women the right to vote.

1920 - First commercial radio broadcast.

1920s - By the 1920s, Sunnyslope had grown into a small community of prospectors, homesteaders, beekeepers, an occasional writer, musician, philosopher and various others. Some come to the desert because of their ill health, still others to pursue their dreams to build new lives and futures for their families.

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