Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission, vision and values are all rooted in the belief that helping others is an enriching experience worthy of our best efforts.

john c lincoln - mission of service video
Video: Learn about John C. Lincoln Health Network's long-standing commitment to providing excellent, community-focused health care to families like yours.


Our mission is to assist each person entrusted to our care to enjoy the highest quality health care possible and to work with others to build healthy communities.


We will be a clinically integrated health care delivery system that is the health provider of choice in Phoenix and recognized nationally for quality, service and community programs.


The values come from the goals of our Strategic Plan and support the work we do.

People: At the heart of all we do is respect for people. We seek to create a respectful and collaborative environment in which patients, visitors, co-workers, clients, clinicians and volunteers are all valued.

Quality, Safety and Efficiency: We measure ourselves against the highest benchmarks of quality and safety while maintaining and continuously improving our efficiency, effectiveness and our capacity to heal and to help.

Community Benefit: We anticipate community needs and find new ways to meet them. We do this through increasing community access to health services, and by providing service programs that foster sustainability.

Financial Stewardship: Wise financial stewardship honors the resources that are the result of the hard work of our team members and the trust of donors. It provides a foundation for sustaining our mission and thriving in the future.

Growth and Regional Collaboration: Positive, well-managed growth and collaboration to integrate care allows us to impact and positively influence more lives.

Clinical Integration: We believe that patients can be best served through a collaborative and integrated partnership of hospitals, physicians and payors; along with other providers and care facilities.

C.A.R.E. Service Standards

We maintain the highest measure of ethics and quality possible in every encounter with each individual person we serve. This is reflected in the following standards of care and service: Compassion, Collaboration, Communication, Accountability, Appearance, Respect, Responsiveness and Excellence.