About Us

John C. Lincoln Health Network is an acclaimed health system that includes two hospitals, physician practices, community outreach programs and the John C. Lincoln Health Foundation. Our physicians and staff use state-of-the-art medical technology and innovative approaches to achieve superior clinical outcomes and patient experiences.

We have provided comprehensive health care and community services to the people of North Phoenix for more than 80 years.

For an understanding of how we're carrying our mission of service forward, we invite you to read our Community Health Needs Assessment reports. These assessments demonstrate our understanding of community health needs and articulate how we are adapting to meet those needs throughout the immediate future.

John C. Lincoln Health Network holds itself to a standard of medical excellence, health care quality and human compassion worthy of national recognition, without losing focus on the individual who is receiving care. Our commitment to excellence in patient care is reflected in the numerous state and national awards we have been honored to receive.

John C. Lincoln Health Network includes:

john c lincoln - a mission of service video
Video: Learn about John C. Lincoln Health Network's long-standing commitment to providing excellent, community-focused health care to families like yours.